Client Case Studies

  • Case Study 1

    Payment Solutions Industry

    Bangalore based Payment solutions company - chose to outsource their B2B Sales to S&P team for dual reasons –for S&P team’s strengths in maneuvering and selling to large B2B accounts and customer management’s background into technology/product.  This model ensures to leverage on respective strengths – technical brilliance supported by mature B2B focused sales team. This also helps them to remain focused on its core strengths – creating a future proof & disruptive technically advanced Payment platform.

    Case Study 2

    Automotive Software Industry

    UK Head quartered Automotive software management company - has been planning to enter India market since many years.  S&P model helped reduce its entry barrier to India. Customer wanted initial landscaping to find requirement fitment for its state of the art cloud based, paper less system. Post successful completion of initial project, client chose to work only with S&P team for its India Sales completely.

    Client’s own words “ S&P brings unique combination of aggressive ( but mature ) enterprise sales team backed by experienced sales management with right connects in India market.  We are a technical company & were amazed with sheer awareness of our name in short span of time”

    Case Study 2

    SaaS based Employee Transport Automation Industry

    Bangalore based software development company focusing on process optimization and automation on Employee transport solutions. They chose to outsource sales to S&P to increase its presence in certain geo’s and to focus on ITES market segment. This model helps customer to test certain markets and to capitalize on first mover advantage.

    Case Study 4

    Cloud based Backup Solution for Mid sized Industry

    European cloud based IT company- when decided to expand globally, chose S&P team for India region. Post meetings with S&P management team, customer got convinced that B2B Sales is a skilled job and a good product alone is not sufficient to get success. Client’s words “ We decided to go with S&P for – B2B Sales skills, knowledge about India market &  S&P’s efforts to create a larger B2B Sales support model that would really help companies like ours . Without S&P, we would have never planned to make an entry into India – it looks quite complex and big from outside ! ”

    Case Study 5

    Sales Analytics Industry

    US head quartered award winning Sales Analytics startup – “ We decided to choose S&P for 3 reasons – 1). Enterprise Sales experience of the founders   2). Experienced & trusted sales leadership to manage sales team in India. We could not have done it sitting in US  3). We are a technology focused company and very confident about our solution. S&P helped us address our key pain – Sales ”