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SALES & PROFIT founders are certified Independent Sales Consultants for Miller Heiman Group. Miller Heiman is a leader & widely respected name in the field of sales performance. It works with organizations to improve sales effectiveness through issue based consulting and sales training. For more than 35 years, Miller Heiman has brought precision to the art of selling. Our simple, powerful processes and tools help drive performance, especially when the sales cycle is complex and the marketplace is demanding.

Miller Heiman has trained over 1.5 mn Sales Professionals in over 30,000 client engagements with a impressive client list from Fortune 500 companies. Most of the Miller Heiman’s clients have been transformed into World-Class Sales Organizations, companies that have consistently demonstrated growth across five metrics: number of qualified opportunities, new account acquisition, increased average account billing, forecast accuracy and quota achievement. In short, our sales processes help clients create hard-to-refuse opportunities, win high-value complex deals, grow key accounts, and build outstanding sales organizations.

Through an unparalleled combination of counsel, processes, tools and technologies, backed by extensive research into the world’s most successful selling organizations, Miller Heiman brings a level of perspective that companies simply cannot find anywhere else.

Miller Heiman is now a part of Miller Heiman Group. Miller Heiman Group is inspired by a combination of the sales and service training and development brands you’ve relied on for years. The mix of Miller Heiman, Huthwaite, AchieveGlobal, Impact Learning Systems, Channel Enablers and CSO Insights—brought together to provide you unbeatable resources, experience and expertise. The way we look at it, why compete for business when together, we can deliver the most powerful and robust solution in the market to help your sales and service teams BE READY to perform. - See more at:

Miller Heiman Group sales methodologies are consistently rated best in globe. Be it – Strategic Selling, Conceptual Selling, Large Account Management Process, SPIN Selling, Funnel Management etc.
Miller Heiman Group today is world’s largest performance improvement company with a very strong credentials in B2B Sales Performance –
Sales Training , Sales Consulting & Sales Research.

Hear from our business leaders on the strategy behind the Be Ready Solutions and the advantages it offers your organization.
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Customer Speaks :

Thank you for making the training that riveting!
The concepts learnt are going to help us immensely. In some of our accounts, we already know how to move forward. The whole exercise was so well worth the time. I am so glad to have been part of this training program.
Thank you for such an excellent session. The 2 meeting plans that we created did help us in the follow-up calls.
Very good training, Good content. It will really be helpful in complex Business to Business selling.
Excellent course content & facilitation.
The program gave a good insight on managing complex sales and many aspects of sales which we normally oversee In our day to day working atmosphere and judge things blindly based on few assumptions and interactions.
Excellent course. Delivered to perfection by very experienced trainers. Loved it.



Problems we solve

  • • Improving Sales Productivity
  • • Managing Sales Talent
  • • Winning Complex Deals
  • • Shortening Sales Cycles
  • • Qualifying the right deals
  • • Improving Forecast Accuracy
  • • Growing Strategic Accounts
  • • Evaluate and integrating sales forces pre-and-post merger



How We Help ?

  • Proven Processes

    Miller Heiman brings precision to the art of selling.
    Our simple, powerful processes and tools help drive performance. Miller Heiman has been defining and documenting successful selling for more than 35 years. We produce the largest, most comprehensive global research study on sales effectiveness – the Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study. This study, combined with our experience working shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s leading companies, has kept us relevant over three decades of change. Over 1.5 million alumni worldwide can testify to the impact Miller Heiman has had on their career and their income.

    Practical Approach

    We believe that successful selling is based on fundamental and repeatable processes.
    Our core programs, Strategic Selling® and Conceptual Selling®, are the gold standard for managing complex sales. They provide a common language and common-sense approach to sales management for organizations around the globe. Our sales consultants bring real-world experience from their careers as sales leaders to each engagement. We don’t use role playing or case studies in our programs. Participants bring their own sales opportunities to the sales training and develop plans they can implement immediately. We also offer tools to reinforce and support the sales process including CRM integration of program worksheets and access to online Alumni Reinforcement.

    Predictable Performance

    More Sales. Better Sales.
    Whether you are looking to increase productivity, improve forecasting, protect margins, or allocate resources more effectively, Miller Heiman consultants will help you create a plan to meet your goals and deliver measurable results. Bring us your toughest deal or most promising account. We’ll gladly prove it.



Miller Heiman Sales System

Miller Heiman Sales System
  • Over the years, we have studied what makes the sales organizations, “World Class Sales Organizations”. As a result of that work, we have identified key factors that need to be in place to generate that winning strategy. We define that as sales system.

    At the center is the customer. Knowing them & understanding them & why they buy from us is critical. A successful sales strategy starts with how salespeople interact with their customers & prospects.
    We need to be able to –
    1. Create Opportunities – for our products and services within that customer based on their needs.
    2. Manage Opportunities- that lead to closure i.e how do we maneuver the opportunity to win
    3. Manage relationships – Once the opportunity is closed, as we want to keep the customer for the long term, we need to know how to manage relationships with our customers, bringing them continued value.

    To be successful, we need the right “people” in the right places. Those people need “Support & Enablement” to get the job done. That includes IT, marketing, compensation & other elements that make or break our role as sales leaders and sales professionals and we need “Management Execution” of the defined strategies. We need to execute our sales strategy all the way to the top.



Our Promise To Our Clients

We don’t just talk a good game, we deliver day-in and day-out for our clients.

If you choose to work with us you can expect:

Achieve results fast. We understand the need for sales organisations to deliver results today while they build their capability for tomorrow.We strike this delicate balance by keeping theory to a minimum and focusing on practical, straightforward applications that help deliver immediate results and enforce long-term discipline to win business more consistently.

Improve revenue predictability. Our common language and approach provide the platform for collaboration, coaching and managing expectations up the ladder.By injecting precision into the art of selling, sales efforts can be better focused on activities that drive results.

Depth of expertise to support you. We have the breadth of solutions and depth of expertise to help clients manage even their toughest organisational challenges.Our sales consultants are absolute sales experts who have led organisations to great success through sales process adoption.Our solutions stand alone as well as fit together seamlessly so that regardless of the need, we are a trusted resource.

Whether you’re a CEO or a Sales Representative, Miller Heiman helps you execute with precision in complex selling situations, replicate best practices that guarantee results, and engage in a customer-centric strategy that will propel your organization to new heights in performance.

  • Our customers have routinely reported impressive results, including:
  • • Increased share of customer and market
  • • Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • • Improved sales performance and time-to-market
  • • Better-managed cost of sales
  • • Increased visibility into key sales metrics
  • • Enhanced sales force effectiveness
  • • Improved talent management



Who We Help

Miller Heiman is a thought leader and innovator in the strategy, process, and skills training necessary to drive sales performance.We have helped thousands of clients worldwide.We are the undisputed sales performance thought leaders, and provide solutions to challenges and issues for professionals within sales teams and in the departments that support the sales effort.

  • Executives

    • • Revenue forecasts
    • • Standards
    • • Sales process
    • • Discipline and rigor

    Sales Leaders

    • • Sales team performance
    • • Sales team development
    • • Coaching
    • • Talent management
    • • Forecasting

    Sales Representatives

    • • Meeting quota
    • • Career enhancement
    • • Personal income goals
    • • Life-long support

  • Professionals Who Sell

    • • Practical basic sales process
    • • Results oriented methodology
    • • Standard process and language
    • • Repeatable results
    • • Targeted strategy

    Human Resources

    • • Smart hiring decisions
    • • Retention
    • • Job fit assessment
    • • Success factor benchmarking

    Training & Development

    • • Needs assessment
    • • Coaching
    • • Employee development
    • • Baseline performance metrics
    • • Measurable training ROI



Global Presence

Miller Heiman global Presence


The Miller Heiman global consulting network is composed of over hundred of sales consultants and distribution partners.The collective expertise shared across the entire Miller Heiman practice ensures our clients benefit from deep, practical understanding of the issues and challenges sales leaders face.

With corporate headquarters in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, Miller Heiman offers programmes worldwide in 19 languages.



Delivery Options


A majority of Miller Heiman’s clients choose to have programmes delivered in a live, in-person, instructor-led session.

These highly interactive sessions break participants into either individual assignments or teams in order to apply concepts to their current selling situations.This best practice brings concepts to life for attendees and allows them to immediately put what they’ve learned into practice.Participants also receive immediate feedback from the instructor to ensure proper understanding and application of the methodology.Participants work with their own, current sales opportunities, collaborating with colleagues and team members to share best practices and past experiences, making each programme a custom event.

Miller Heiman sales consultants and facilitators are subject matter experts who work to understand the customer’s business and any specific nuances that may impact the delivery.Participants receive a notebook and supporting materials to aid in applying the new sales process when they return to the field.

Miller Heiman instructor-led programmes equip participants with knowledge and tools to put the learned process into immediate practice.Because of the high interaction, individuals typically experience behaviour change and results in a short period of time.

Public Workshops

Public workshops are intense one to three-day sessions open to anyone within your organisation in a sales, sales management or sales support role.


With a team of five or more, we’ll bring Miller Heiman sales training to your area! We’ll manage the programme logistics, and we’ll post the workshop on our calendar.All you have to do is show up! Create-a-Workshop is a public programme created on your organisation’s behalf in the metropolitan area and on the dates of your choice.These are perfect for companies watching their travel expense, or companies who have different date and location requirements than those listed on Miller Heiman’s Sales Workshop Calendar.

On-site Programmes

A programme facilitator will work with your sales organisation to understand your exact business objectives to deliver a programme focused on your specific needs.Customised programme materials are available for organisations that wish to incorporate their mission statement and ideologies into presentations used by programme facilitators.



Sales Solutions


Customer Interaction Strategy for Winning Complex Sales

For more details,


Comprehensive Strategy for Complex Sales

For more details,


Aligning Buying and Selling Processes in Complex Sales

The Strategic Selling® and Conceptual Selling® programmes combine to offer a process to strategically pursue complex opportunities by understanding both the buying and selling processes at work.The programme, which uses both the Blue and Green Sheets, helps map out both the sales opportunity being pursued and the expected outcomes of each critical customer interaction.

From the seller’s point of view, the Strategic Selling® process provides visibility into the sales opportunity.This involves first identifying all key players in the customer’s organisation, understanding each player’s degree of influence and their reasons for buying, and uncovering essential information.Participants will learn to evaluate their competitive position, differentiate their company by leveraging its unique strengths, and develop comprehensive action plans to address the business and personal motives of each individual in the client organisation.

Conceptual Selling® shifts the focus from seller to buyer and helps salespeople connect the way they sell to the way their customers buy.The programme clearly defines how to unearth a customer’s key issues and concerns in order to better focus selling efforts on what the buyer needs to accomplish.Conceptual Selling® gives the salesperson a framework to view the sale from the customer’s perspective, build credibility, and create collaborative win-win solutions.

This programme combination provides organisations a more complete picture of the elements at play in a complex sale.Participants will learn how to focus time and energy on those opportunities most likely to become profitable, long-term customers.This combination also gives organisations a common process and language for pursuing sales opportunities and planning for effective customer interactions.

The combined Strategic Selling® and Conceptual Selling® programme may be the right solution if your company is trying to:

  • • Secure approval from multiple decision makers.
  • • Navigate the internal bureaucracy of customers and prospects.
  • • Gain more visibility into the status of important sales opportunities.
  • • Forecast revenue with greater accuracy.
  • • Increase close rates for opportunities with long sales cycles.
  • • Transition from a product-led sale to a solution-led sale.
  • • Differentiate your products and services from your competitors.
  • • Implement a consistent process to plan customer interactions.

Funnel ScoreCard :

Opportunity Evaluation and Loss Review Process Funnel ScoreCard® provides sales organizations a method to quickly and systematically identify the best opportunities to pursue. - See more at:

Huthwaite SPIN Selling Conversations :

SPIN® Selling Conversations is a one-day advanced questioning program that leverages SPIN Selling’s proven methodology to help organizations conduct more effective sales calls, obtain better outcomes and build trustworthy relationships with customers. – See more at:



Knowledge Centre

Miller Heiman is the thought leader and innovator in the strategy, process, and skills training necessary to drive sales performance.Please browse our Knowledge Centre to download articles and register for alerts that will help you win more business.



MillerHeiman Customers

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Why Miller Heiman ?

The approach and expanded, best-in-class capabilities of Miller Heiman support a holistic view of customer-management excellence throughout the customer lifecycle and across the enterprise from one source.

Miller Heiman

  • • Understands that everything begins with the customer.
  • • Knows that the customers’ needs and wants should drive every discussion of how to improve performance.
  • • Applies proven methodologies, processes, and tools that solve real-world challenges.
  • • Accepts accountability for delivering measurable results.
  • • Helps leaders consistently measure, manage and improve the key metrics important to them.
  • • Provides best-in-class solutions from our sales performance, customer experience and leadership and management lines of business.
  • • Offers access to all of the MHG Research Institutes’ proprietary resources and solutions.
  • • Is a global, comprehensive source for consistent, scalable, end-to-end customer solutions.

We know that collaboration and relationships – both internally and with the customer – make or break the success of a business. Miller Heiman helps our customers build that collaboration and those relationships.